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When I was a young boy I lived in Lyndhurst , New Jersey. I lived on a block that was all Italian, and I had 5 cousins on the same street. Two things I recall vividly as a youth there were venturing out into  the meadows (now called "THE MEADOWLANDS")  to collect GUN COTTON which was strewn all around the remains of an ammunition factory which was destroyed in 1917 by saboteurs. We had pounds of the highly explosive stuff. It was pure luck we didn't kill ourselves with it. We made all kinds of homemade bombs with it until we blew up a corner of an Uncle's garage. And then we finally stopped. I totally stopped experimenting in home-made explosives after I mangled a finger with a match bomb in 61.

Another favorite thing was to go to the local railroad station, the KINGSLAND STATION on Ridge Road (NJ 17S) to watch the steam locomotives  stopping at the station. This station was unique because it had a walkway that crossed over the tracks in the rear of the building. By standing on this walkway as the trains passed we could literally look down into the smokestack as the smoke billowed up towards our position.

Great memories of a long distant time. Here are some photos and information regarding both sites and one on my "hometown" street Third Avenue in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.




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