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The Civil War

The "Swamp Angel" was a large Parrott class rifle or cannon which was used to fire on Charleston. The engineering involved to create a gun platform floating on a mud marsh was unique and a feat of engineering for that time.

The article on the Swamp Angel includes many facts about the gun and the construction of the battery. Today the gun sits lonely in a park in Trenton, New Jersey. Its historical marker contains a few errors, but besides that, it still exists, though in an unexpected place, far from its moment in time.

"Then Let The Hurricanes Roar" This article follows the journey of George R. Harrison, and the 13th New Jersey Volunteers  from the day he left Centerville, and joined the Union Army in Newark, New Jersey. An interesting and true account of these events are recounted in a paper I  presented to the Roseland Historical Society regarding George R. Harrison.

A few months later he was killed near the  Dunker Church  on the  Antietam battlefield.

George Harrison's father, Rufus F. Harrison, a prominent businessman, Judge, and a member of the New Jersey Legislature, was the person responsible for getting the  New Jersey Monument  erected on the battlefield of Antietam. Centerville, was later named Roseland, (in part because of Mr. Harrison's influence as the town Postmaster) and is located in Essex County New Jersey.

FT. SUMPTER, the place where the Civil War started. Includes photos from a visit to the fort.

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