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He was the best dog I  ever knew. A personality that was a perfect fit for my own. A friend who I could talk to, and he would listen. I know everyone feels this way about a pet they have come to love, but for each of us, this personal relationship is unique to our needs. He had a kind temperament, letting others go before him in all matters except defending those he felt were in danger. He was soft, large, kind, funny, smart, and compassionate. He showed concern for everything. Though I must admit, there was a time he was afraid of his own puppies, for some reason. His original name was "Sergeant" but over the years it became just ' "Woofer" He was picked out of a litter in Mahwah N.J. by my youngest daughter, and a fine choice she made. He was with us for over twelve years, and our family really misses the benchmark he set. Here are a few photos of the greatest dog that ever lived!

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