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The Early development of Roseland

Essex County, New Jersey. Formerly known as Centerville.

From deeds and maps on record at the Essex County Hall of Records, Newark, New Jersey.

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I became a resident of the town of Roseland New Jersey in November 1969. The following Spring I was pleasantly surprised by the sound of cows mooing on the Becker Farm on Livingston avenue. I was even more surprised when one morning I heard the sound of a steam locomotive slowly puffing off in the distance. What a great place I thought, cows and a steam engine!

I purchased a home on Lincoln Street, number 23. It was a fabulous old farm house and the former owners, had added an addition in the 1960's, making it larger and it became a two family home, arranged front and rear. My wife and I had purchased this home jointly with friends, and we flipped a coin to determine who would live in the front section and who in the rear. As it turned out we both got to live in the parts were secretly desired. For sixteen years I lived in the rear part of the house and for the last two years of my residence I lived in the front section.

Roseland holds many great memories for me as all the best things of my life happened there, also the worst, but overall it was a wonderful place to live and raise my three children.

In the mid 1980's I wrote the "Early Development of Roseland" using a form of word processor on an Amiga computer, and did the illustrations on a crude form of paint program, but is was the best available at the time. Computers were very limited then and at the time dot matrix printers were the only printers available.

I also wrote a paper on the life of George R. Harrison a local boy from Roseland who was killed at the Battle of Antietam during the Civil War. See ("Then Let the Hurricanes Roar")  I gave a verbal presentation of this research at the Roseland Historical society sometime in the early 1980's.

Finally the Personal Computer became practical and I realized I would now be able to make this information available in forms any computer user could read using the Internet.

Eventually I retyped all the deed documents using Microsoft "Word", and re-worked all the original deed plots and maps using Adobe Photoshop for the graphics. Having done so, this information is now available digitally. I reprinted this information and gave a copy to the Roseland Historical Society in 2006, thru Mr. Richard Leonard, a friend and former Mayor of Roseland.

With the advent of the Internet I decided to add this Roseland information to my web site, permitting any resident of Roseland to have access to this information if they are curious as to the history of property they own in the town. I hope many Roseland citizens find this information useful in their research.

Lou Robertella, 2009.