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Date: Nov. 1,1970

Deed Book No. 4538-800

Seller: Robert L. and Ann E. Kipp, and David and Martha L. Currie

Buyer: Carl H. and Mary F. Ludwig, and Louis A. and Joanne T. Robertella

Size: .43 Acre

Location: Number 23 Lincoln Street.

Description: Beginning at a point in the easterly side of Lincoln Avenue, said point being distant 562 feet northerly from the old northerly sideline of Eagle Rock Avenue and said point being also distant 554.56 feet northerly from the new northerly sideline of Eagle Rock Avenue; thence

(1) along the easterly side line of Lincoln Avenue, North 34 degrees 42 minutes East 84.04 feet to the southerly line of lands now or formerly of Moreno; thence

(2) along the southerly line of Moreno, South 55 degrees 57 minutes 20 seconds East 233.09 feet to the westerly line of lands nor or formerly of Teed; thence

(3) along the westerly line of Teed, South 34 degrees 02 minutes 40 seconds west 76.65 feet to a point; thence

(4) North 57 degrees 46 minutes west 234.17 feet to the easterly sideline of Lincoln Avenue and the point and place of beginning.

Being commonly known as No. 23 Lincoln Avenue, which is also known as Lincoln Street.