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Date: 1936 March 31

Deed Book No. N-30-369

Seller: Rufus F. Harrison and Elsie Buyer: Nicolo Moreno


Location: Land behind #27 Lincoln Street that was a poultry yard and a part of the property belonging to #23 Lincoln St.

Description: Poultry yard which was a part of #23 property. The sale of this poultry yard squared off the line running East/West along the Moreno/Unis line and is the present line on those properties.

Note: Apparently when Nicolo Moreno purchased his the poultry yard property from Alexander Unis there was a problem with the sale due to Heirs of Frederick A. or other Harrison family members. Nicolo Moreno was then to re-purchase the poultry yard rights from Rufus F. Harrison (a descendant of the original Rufus F. Harrison) to gain clear title.-LAR