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Date: 1935 May 17

Deed Book No. B-89-265

Seller: Frederick A. Harrison (dec.) and Kate D. Harrison, wife (dec.) E. Oscar DeCamp, Executor for Kate D. Harrison

Buyer: Alexander Unis ($4550.00)

Size: 1.15 acres

Location: Land and house at #23 Lincoln Street.

Description: "Beginning on the easterly side of Lincoln Avenue at a point 472ft. from the north line of side of Eagle Rock Avenue at the northerly line of land of Morris Park Cummins, (1) running along east side of Lincoln Avenue north 34deg.42min. east 174 and 4/100 ft. to the south line of Nicolo Moreno, thence (2) along the line of Moreno south 55deg.57min.20sec. east 145 and 52/100 ft. to a corner of Moreno at a poultry yard fence, (3) along poultry yard fence and at the easterly line of Moreno north 36deg.31 min. East 66 and 28/100 ft. to the southerly line of lands now or formerly of George E. DeCamp, thence (4) along south line of DeCamp south 55deg.57 min. 20sec. east 55 and and 76/100 ft. to a corner in the same on westerly line of land of the estate of Jesse R. Teed, thence (5) along Teed's south 54deg.24min.50sec. east 33 and 94/100ft. to a corner in same thence (6) still along Teeds and at the beginning of the course along a poultry yard fence south 34deg 2min 40sec. west 172 and 88/100 ft. to a corner of said Teeds, (7) still along said Teeds and passing 1 ft. distance to the north from the easterly end of a Blacksmith shop on the herein described premises south 48 deg.49min.50sec. east 85 and 55/100 ft. to an angle in the said Teeds and the northwest corner of lands now or formerly Joseph Schligler south 35deg.24min. west 45 and 78/100 ft. to the northerly line of Morris Park Cummins, (9) thence along the northerly line of Morris Park Cummins north 57deg.46min. west 319 and 5/100ft. to the east side of Lincoln Avenue and place of beginning. Containing 1.15 acres."

NOTE: This was the last parcel of Rufus F. Harrison's land willed to his children. Frederick A. and Kate D. Harrison lived in the house at #23 until their deaths, as did Rufus F. Harrison who died there in 1907. At this time the property included a section of land behind the Moreno property (#27 Lincoln St.) used as a poultry yard. This poultry yard was later sold to Moreno in 1935 (Deed 60) which made the property line running east/west continuous from the street to the rear of the property.