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Date: 1928

Deed Book No. Y-78-482

Seller: Frederick A. Harrison

Buyer: Morris Park Cummins Size: .73 acre

Location: Lot presently known as #19 Lincoln Street. Allan and Carol Walters presently own this land and house. (1990-LAR)

Description: "Beginning on the east side of Lincoln Avenue at the northwest corner of land of Herbert R. Beam thence along Beams line south 55deg.14min. east 317 35/100ft. thence north 35deg.44min. east 100 11/100ft. thence north 58deg.14min. west 319 16/100ft.to the east side of Lincoln Avenue, thence south 34deg.42min. west 100ft. to place of beginning. Excepting any land which may be included in the property of Delia C. Harrison."

Note: This property was included in the land Frederic Harrison inherited from his father Rufus F. Harrison, which included most of the land east of Lincoln Street almost reaching to Cortland Street. At time of this sale Frederic was living in the house at #23 with his wife Kate D. Harrison.