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Date: 1925

Deed Book No. G-72-190

Seller: William H. Harrison

Buyer: Nicola Moreno and wife.

Size: 1 /3 acre

Location: Lot presently known as #27 Lincoln St. This lot was originally sold to Francis Condit by Rufus F. Harrison in 1870.(Deed 24) In this deed it is purchased by Nicola (Nicholas) Moreno. Upon his death, property was passed to his daughter Teresa Jordan who is currently living there. (1990-LAR)

Description: "Beginning at the west corner of George E. DeCamp house lot in the middle of the proposed new road (Lincoln St.-LAR) thence in a southeasterly course along the line of said DeCamp 223ft. to the corner of Albert Carr's and Jacob Sigler's house lot thence in a southwesterly direction along the line of said Carr 66ft. thence in a northwesterly course in a parallel line with said DeCamp's line 223ft. to the middle of the said new road, thence along the middle of the same in a northwesterly course 66ft. to the beginning corner. Containing not far from 1/3 acre."

"Excepting from the lot above described that portion fenced off for a poultry yard in the rear of barn on said premises. Being same premises as devised to William H. Harrison by Rufus F. Harrison and was also devised to Amos W. Harrison, the interest of Amos W. Harrison being devised to Sara C. Harrison by will of Amos W. Harrison. Interest of Amos W. Harrison and Sara C. Harrison was conveyed to William H. Harrison by deed dated June 29, 1924 (M-7Q-532)