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Date: 1906 April 11

Deed Book No. C-40-336

Seller: Charlotte Corwin (part of land she inherited from James Harrison)

Buyer: Sara M. Williams


Location: Land east of Cortland Street and south of Harrison.

Description: "Beginning on Harrison Avenue at the northwest corner of the lands of the said Sara M. Williams thence running along her line in a southwesterly direction to lands of Mary J. Condit, thence in a northwesterly direction along her line to a road leading from Eagle Rock Avenue to the aforesaid Harrison Avenue (Cortland Street-LAR.) thence along said road in a north and northeasterly direction to said Harrison Avenue to corner of the said Sara M. Williams and place of beginning."

Note: John Nealy sold this land to James Harrison. James Harrison died and left this land to Charlotte Corwin. Corwin sells it to Sara M. Williams.