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Date: 1905 April 24

Deed Book No. T-38-87

Seller: Charolette M.Corwin (inherited these lands from James Harrison by will G-3-144)

Buyer: Frederick A. Harrison and George R. Harrison. (Sons of Rufus F. Harrison) Size: 3/4 acre

Location: Land on Cortland Street (referred to as Courtland Street in this deed.) which was owned by James Harrison. It is south of the piece originally owned by Jacob Sigler and at the time of this deed owned by William. P. Teed.

Description: "Beginning on the west side of Courtland Street (being a street in the village of Roseland extending from Eagle Rock Avenue to Harrison Avenue) at the southeast corner of lands of William P. Teed thence (1) running in a westerly direction along the southerly line of said Teeds land to lands of Rufus F. Harrison thence (2) in a southerly direction along the easterly line of said Harrison's lands to lands belonging to Mary and Joseph Schligler (formerly belonging to Courtland Condit) thence (3) running in an easterly direction along the northerly line of said Schiegler's land to the said Courtland Street and thence (4) along the west side of said Courtland Street in a northerly direction to place of beginning.

Containing 3/4 acre. " formerly belonging to James Harrison (dec.) Will book V-3-144"

Note: this is the first reference to Cortland Street by name in this series of Deeds. -LAR