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Date: 1804

Deed Book No.1-556

Seller: Jonas Force

Buyer: Joseph Harrison

Size: 1/3 interest in mill

Location: Off Bloomfield Avenue, behind and Southwest of where the Caldwell Church now stands.

Description: "Sale of one third Grist Mill near Caldwell Church with a privilege to keep up a pond sufficient for said Mill together with the race and road leading thereto also with a privilege to dig earth to raise, repair said Dam and Raceway."

Note: This mill was located in Caldwell along Brookside Avenue about 300 feet south of Bloomfield Avenue. The pond that supplied the water to the mill was located on the north side of Bloomfield Avenue between the avenue and the Grover house, which would now be the area between Personette and Smull avenues.

The flume, which carried the water to the mill passed under a wooden bridge on Bloomfield Avenue. Openings were made on both sides of the flume so horses could be watered as they passed on Bloomfield Avenue.