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Deed 4

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Date: 1822 April 20th.

Deed Book No.M-2-333

Seller: Rufus Harrison and Phoebe.

Buyer: Isaac Hier.

Size: 7 acres and 87/100 "strict measure"

Location: Corner of Eagle Rock Ave. and Lincoln Street. (SW corner)

Description: "Beginning on the north side of the road leading from Swinefield (near the Passaic River on Eagle Rock Ave.-LAR) to Newark at a corner of the land late of Abigail Williams thence first south 70deg.37min. east along the middle of said road 14 chains 72 links (971ft.), 2nd. thence north 90deg.70min.east 4 chains 42 links (292ft.), 3rd. thence south 81 deg. west 2 chains and 11 links (139ft.), 4th thence north 45deg.37min.west 9 chains and 78 links (645ft.) 5th thence south 42deg.57min. west 6 chains and 61 links (436ft.) to beginning corner containing 7 acres and 87/100ths of an acre strict measure. Bounded on the south by the road aforesaid, westerly and northerly by land of Rufus Harrison and west by land late of Abigail Williams.''