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Date: 1849 March 27.

Deed Book No. 0-7-511

Seller: Demos Harrison and Dorcas and Rufus F. Harrison.

Buyer: John H. Ball. Cost: $625.00

Size: 5 acres and 41/100ths.

Location: Land on east side of Cortland St., Ball house still exists.

Description: "Beginning in the middle of the road at the northeast corner of the farm belonging to Rufus Harrison deceased in the line of Benjamin Decamp deceased from thence running on the middle of said road north 50deg west 6 chains 53 links (431 ft.) to a post in the fence marked thence south 30deg. 30min. west 10 chains 80 (inks (713ft.) to a stake and heap of stones and line of Stephen J. Condit thence on his line south 64deg. east 4 chains and 23 links (279ft.) to the line of Samuel Harrison deceased and said Benjamin Decamp deceased thence on their line north 44deg. 90min. east 9 chains and 68 links (639ft.) to the place of beginning.

Containing 5 acres and 41/100ths. of an acre. It being the house and land where said John H. Ball now livith"

Note: John Ball had been renting the house he lived in prior to buying it from the estate of Rufus Harrison. Demas and Rufus F. Harrison sold the property jointly as it was part of the 9-acre lot and house set aside in Rufus Harrison’s (Sr.) will for his two daughter's Betsy, and Phoebe Jane Harrison. After this sale there remained 4 additional acres of the 9-acre tract.