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Date: 1841 May 1.

Deed Book No. Z-6-547

Seller: Polly Harrison, Dan Baldwin and wife, Samuel O. Harrison and wife.

Buyer: Cyrus Harrison.

Size: 4 acres and 43/100ths.

Location: Four separate tracts of land on deed. 1st. tract is property on N.E. corner of Harrison and Passaic Aves. where Caldwell nursery was once located. 4th tract is on Roseland Ave. on Northerly side of what is now Park St. Other tracts in Livingston.

Description: 4th tract. "Also a lot of land in Centerville beginning in the middle of the road leading to Caldwell in the line of Benjamin DeCamp dec., thence along said line north 53deg. west 7 chains and 21 links to line of John Ball, thence along his line south 43deg 30min. west 7 chains and 19 links to land of Stephen J. Condit thence along his line South 67deg.10min. east 8 chains and 58 links to the middle of the road (now Roseland Ave) thence along said road north 32deg.30min. east 4 chains and 88 links to beginning corner containing corner. Containing 4 acres and 43/100ths.of an acre.