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Deed 6

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Date: 1833, June 24th.

Deed Book No. N-3-295

Seller: Artemus Brundage and Nancy

Buyer: Aaron Dodd. Size: 17 acres and 59/100ths.

Location: Eagle Rock Ave., west of Lincoln Street, near the Fire Dept.

Note: Same land bought from Daniel Bond by A. Brundage (D-3-604)

Description: "Beginning at the south corner of a tract of land formerly owned by Samuel Condit and now or lately belonging to Rufus Harrison in the middle of the road thence running along the line of said tract north 47deg.45min. west 25 chains and 68 links (1695ff.) to the land of Josiah Crane thence along his line south 42deg.15min. west 6 chains and 55 links (432ft.) to lands formerly belonging to Nathaniel Dodd deceased thence along the line of said last mentioned land south 47deg.45min. east 27 chains and 4 links (1785ft.) to the middle of the road thence along the same north 38deg. east 6 chains and 56 links (433ft.) to place of beginning. 17acres 59/100ths.