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Date: 1896 March 14

Deed Book No. R-29-403

Seller: John M. Layland and wife

Buyer: John McClennon ($1.00)

Size: 3 and 1/2 acres.

Location: On Roseland Ave., between Harrison and Eagle Rock Ave., on west side of street.

Description: "beginning at the middle of the road leading from Roseland to Caldwell at a corner of a lot belonging to Wilbur DeCamp; thence along said DeCamp's line north 53deg. west 7 chains and 21 links (476) to the land of William R. Ball, thence along said Balls line south 43deg.30min. west 7 chains and 19 links (475) to the land of Thomas Layland (dec.) thence along his line south 67deg.10min. east 3 chains and 58 links (236') to a stake at the corner of James McClennon's laid, thence north 38deg. east 1 chain (66) to a stake at the northwest corner of said McClennon's land, thence south 64deg. east 5 chains (330') to the middle of the aforesaid road, thence along the middle of said road north 32deg.30min. east 3 chains and 88 links (586') to place of beginning. Containing 3 and 1/2 acres. If being the same property conveyed to John M. McClennon by said Matilda M. McClennon and John McClennon her husband by deed dated Jan. 28 1896." (R-29-401 Jan. 28, 1896)