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Date: 1894 April 30

Deed Book No. G-30-569 (same as H-26-518 1892)

Seller: Condit Sisters (Susan, Harriet and Mary)

Buyer: Roseland Presbyterian Church Size: a little less than 1/4 acre.

Location: South side of Eagle Rock Ave. where the Church building now stands.

Description: "Beginning on the south side of Eagle Rock Ave. *(formerly known as the Swinefield Road) in the village of Roseland at the northeast corner of Alice R. Brono's lot, thence along said Eagle Rock Ave. south 80deg. 30min. east 60 ft. thence south and at right angles to said Avenue 150 ft. thence parallel with said avenue north 80deg. west 60ft. to said Alice Brono's lot thence along her line north and at right angles to said avenue 150 ft. to said avenue and place of beginning. Being the same premises conveyed to the said Susan Condit, Harriet J. Condit and Mary J. Condit by Elias Mulford by deed dated July 2 1892 and recorded in book H-26 of deeds page 548"

Elias Mulford to Condit sisters: H-26-548 July 2 1892

"to keep and maintain the Chapel or Church Edifice on said premises and in good condition as it now is. To pay all legal and proper charges against the same and maintain and provide for the stated preaching of the Gospel."

"Said premises shall at all times hereafter be maintained and used only as a place of religious worship and that if said church should abandon or cease to use the same for that purpose than that same shall revert to the party of the first for themselves, their Heirs etc.."

*Note: first reference to Swinefield Road as Eagle Rock Avenue in this group of deeds.-LAR.