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Date: 1894 March 28

Deed Book No. I-28-223

Seller: Thomas Leyland (dec.) Heirs-John M. Layland, Sara, Catherine A. Ludi (widow), T. J. Layland (single), Julie Harrison and Augustus E., her Husband of Newark, W. Layland of Ft. Omaha Nebraska, T. Layland (dec.) of Brooklyn.

Buyer: Wilbur DeCamp ($450.00)


Location: On South side of Eagle Rock Ave. (Then Swinefield Road)

Description: Beginning in the middle of the public road leading from Swinefield Bridge to Newark and at the east corner of Daniel M. Cougle's farm, and north 40deg. west 1 chain 4 links (92ft.) from the north corner of the store now standing on the within described lot: thence south 10deg. west along said Cougle's land 3 chains 46 links (228ft.) to a stake for a corner, thence along said Cougle's land south 71 and 1/2deg. east to the west corner Thomas DeCamp's land north to the middle of the aforesaid road and from thence along middle of the same to place of beginning. It being a part of the same property conveyed to Ezra Colyer by George Auswald and Margret his wife by deed dated April 1 1856 and recorded in book S-9-563. And being the same premises conveyed to the said Thomas Layland (dec.) by Ezra Colyer and Matilda B. his wife by deed dated 16 Jan. 1888 book H (or X) 23-387. Subject to a mortgage of $750.00 made by said Thomas Layland (dec.) to Ezra Colyer bearing date Jan. 16, 1888 and registered in book J (or Q not distinct-LAR.) of mortgages pg. 404, Wilbur DeCamp assumes and agrees to pay.

Note: Land purchased by Ezra Colyer from George Auswald, on which Colyer then opened a store fronting on Eagle Rock ave. This store was operating after 1856. Colyer then sold the property to Thomas Layland in Jan 16 1888. Colyer held a $750.00 mortgage on the property to Layland. Wilbur DeCamp purchases the property and store and assumes the mortgage held by Layland to Colyer.


G. Auswald to E. Colyer 1856 S-9-563

E. Colyer to T. Layland 1888 H-23-387

T. Layland (his Heirs) to W. DeCamp 1894 (I-28-223)