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Date: 1892 August 13

Deed Book No. F-27-124

Seller: William G. Layland of Fort Omaha Nebraska

Buyer: Susan, Mary, Harriet Condit

Size: 6 and 42/100 acres

Location: On Eagle Rock Ave. below or west of Roseland Ave., near where Livingston Ave. intersects. The three sister purchase this land because they wanted to close the saloon which operated out of the Centerville Inn located on this property. The Sisters were "Temperists" who were a group gaining nations( political power with their cause being to abolish drinking and closing all saloons.

Description: "Beginning in the middle of Swinefield Road at the southwest corner of the said Stephen J. Condit's lot, and also at a point distant north 21 deg. 10min. west 76 1/2 links from the northwest corner of Ezra Colyer's store house; thence along middle of said road north 79deg. 15min. west 1 chain and 7 links (70.62tt.) thence still along the same north 79deg.15min. west 8 chains and 42 links (555.72ft.) thence north 72deg.15min west 2 chains 12 links (139.92ft.) to land of Courtland Condit and also to a point distant 2 chains 8 and 112 links (137.61ft.) on a course of south 45deg.10min. east from the southeast corner of the said Courtland Condit's house; thence along the said Courtland Conditís line north 27deg. east 7 chains and 18 links (473.88ft.) to land of John Nealy, thence along his line and the line of John McClennon south 64deg.15min. east 10 chains and 40 links (686.4ft.) to land of Charles Kent, thence along his line south 34deg. west 2 chains (132ft.) thence still along his line south 64deg.45min. east 61 links (40.26ft.) to the said S. J. Conditís lot thence along the line thereof south 16deg.15min. west 2 chains 53 links (166.98ft.) to the middle of the aforesaid road and place of beginning. Containing 6 acres and 42/100 according to a survey made Aug. i, 1867 by E. M. Condit. Being the same premises conveyed to Thomas Layland (dec.) by Stephen J. Condit by deed dated Aug. 19, 1867 and recorded in the office of Register of Essex County in book M-13 of deeds for said County on pages 549, 550. The above premises are conveyed subject to a mortgage of $1500.00 which the party of the second hereby agrees to pay, the same being deducted from the consideration money of this conveyance."