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Date: 1890 Oct. 18

Deed Book No. T-25-490

Seller: Levi Kent

Buyer: Rufus F. Harrison ($1200.00) Size: 1/3+ Acre

Location: On what is now Lincoln St. In the center of the block at the highest point of land on that street. It is presently #23 Lincoln Street. It was sold back to Rufus .F. Harrison in two parcels. The first being the 10 ft. section that passed over the well, and the second was the land and house itself and is described as it was when originally sold to Kent in 1873.

Description: "1st: Beginning at the west corner of Levi Kent's house lot in the middle of Lincoln Avenue thence along middle of same in a southwesterly course 10ft. thence in a southeasterly course passing over the center of the well to the lands of Albert Carr thence northeast along Carr's line to a stake and the corner of Levi Kent's land and thence from said corner in Kent's line to beginning corner. Being same premises conveyed to Levi Kent by Rufus F. Harrison by deed dated April 26, 1881 and not yet recorded."

2nd: "beginning in the middle of Lincoln Avenue at the west corner of Francis Condit's house lot thence along the line of said Condit's land southeasterly to the land of Albert Carr thence southwest along Carr's line 66 ff. to a stake thence northwest parallel with the first described line to the middle of the aforesaid Lincoln Avenue thence along middle of same 66 ft. to the beginning corner. Containing about 1 /3 of an acre." (description is the same as described in deed V-16-598 1873-from Rufus F. Harrison to Levi Kent.)

Note: Through this deed, Rufus F. Harrison buys back the land he originally sold to Levi Kent in 1873. Kent lived in the house 17 years. At the time he purchased it in 1873 he had a daughter named Susan, who was 14 years of age.

This house and land had been owned by the Harrison Family from at least 1825 or earlier and had been mentioned in Rufus Harrison's Will of 1849. This property was a part of the nine acres which was to be sold off to provide for the care and maintenance of his "Poor and unfortunate daughters" (Betsy and Phoebe Jane) to live on and use until their deaths. When Rufus F. Harrison buys it back he then sells his parental estate (the 53 acres on the west side of Lincoln Street) and moves into this smaller house. He lives there until his death in 1907.

At his death the house was passed an to his son Frederick, who later died and left it to his wife Kate D. Harrison, who died in the 1930's. After 1936 it was sold out of the Harrison Family forever. The Harrison's owned the house almost continuously (except for 18 years when Kent owned it) for over 110 years.

The original house had two floors with two rooms on each floor. (I believe Levi Kent added the rear section which runs east/west some time shortly after 1873. The house remained in this configuration until the early i960`s, when the further additions to the southwestern side were constructed by the owners Kipp & Curry. I, Louis A. Robertella, became an owner of the house in 1969 and lived there for 18 years, selling it in 1987.