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Date: 1890 May 1

Deed Book No. P-25-56

Seller: John Nealy

Buyer: Mary J. Condit

Size: 1 /4 acre

Location: On Courtland Street

Description: Beginning at a point distant 200 ft. from the southerly line of the public road that divides the Townships of Caldwell and Livingston (Harrison Ave.-LAR.), and at the southeasterly corner of lands now belonging to Ambrose King in the line of the new road (Courtland Street), thence in a northwesterly course along said Kings line 110ft. to the lands of James Williams, (formerly John Sigler's.-LAR.) thence in a northeasterly course along said Williams line 100ft. to the lands of Timothy Decamp, thence along said DeCamp's line in a southeasterly course 110 ft. to the aforesaid road, thence southwest along said road 100 ft. to place of beginning. It being the same premises conveyed by Rufus F. Harrison and wife to said Nealy by deed recorded in book C-12-163, 164. (This listing-Deed 15)