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Date: 1890 May 10

Deed Book No. N-25-211

Seller: Rufus F. Harrison ("unmarried of Township of Livingston"-wife died-LAR.)

Buyer: Richard B. Pullan Jr. (of Cincinnati)

Size: 53 and 24/100 Acres

Location: Lands on west side of Lincoln St. and south side of Harrison Ave. This was the original land owned by Rufus Harrison who willed it to Demas and Rufus F. Harrison. Rufus F. Harrison lived in the house on this property (the house fronted on Harrison Ave.) until this sale. He then moved to the house now located at No. 23 Lincoln St., where he lived till his death in 1907.

Description: "Beginning at the intersection of the centerline of Lincoln Avenue, as opened through the lands of Rufus F. Harrison with the center line of the road formerly known as the Swamp Road, now called Harrison Avenue; thence running along the line of said Swamp Road north 58deg.15min. west 453 ft. and 3 inches to an angle; thence further along the same north 45deg.15min. west 327ft. 10 inches to another angle; thence still further along the same north 58deg.15min. west 1032ft. 9 in. to land formerly of Henry F. Harrison, thence along the line of said land south 47deg.47min. west 1192ft.6in. to land of Rubin S. Cobb thence along line of said Cobb and William Davenport south 39deg. 54min. east 1330ft. 4in. to land of Jackson Hier (originally Isaac Hier's land- 1822-LAR.); thence along his line north 48deg.46min. east 243ft. 8in.; thence further along the same south 49deg.3min. east 635ft. Bin. thence still further along the same south 77deg.15min. east 26ft.6in. thence still further along the same north 88deg.14min. east 123 ft. to the center of Lincoln St. as above mentioned; thence along said line north 32deg.16min. east 314 ft. Bin. to an angle; thence further along the same north 32deg.45min. east 717ft.10in. to the place of beginning. Containing 53 acres and 24/100 of an acre, strict measure according to a map of land of Rufus F. Harrison made by James Owen LE. in 1890. The party of the first part is to retain possession of the herby conveyed premises, until the 15th day of Nov. 1890 as tenant of the party of the second part. And may take therefrom all growing crops, without payment of rent."