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Deed 40

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Date: 1888 Oct 16

Deed Book No. I-24-247 Seller: John Nealy

Buyer: Ambrose King ($100.00) Size: approx_. 1/8 acre

Location: On Courtland Street.

Description: Beginning at a point distant 200 ft. from the southerly fine of the public road that divides the Townships of Caldwell from the Township of Livingston (Harrison Ave.-LAR.), and at the southeastern corner of John Neaiy's house lot and in the line of the new road or driftway, (Courtland Street) and from thence running south to a stake 50 ft. and from thence west 110 ft. to lands of James A. Williams, (formerly John Sigler's.-LAR) land thence along said Williams line north 50 ft, to a stake for a corner, and from thence east along said Nealys line i 10 ft. to place of beginning. It being same premises conveyed by Thomas Warner and wife to said Nealy by deed dated April 24 1886."

Note: John Nealy bought back land he sold to Thomas Warner in 1886 and then resold It to King In 1888.