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Deed 38

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Deed Book No. P-23-212

Seller: Rufus F. Harrison

Buyer: William Henry Harrison ($3000.00) Size: 40 and 62/100 acres.

Location: On Eagle Rock Ave. Part of this property is now part of the Roseland Historical Society including the house.

Description: "Beginning in the middle of the road leading from Rufus F. Harris to Orange and at the southerly corner of John Dancers farm thence north 42deg. 30min. west 24 chains and 75 links (1634ft.) along the line of said Dancers land to the line of William Best thence 2nd. south 54deg.15min. east 18 chains (1188ft) along the line of said Best to the line of B. B. Bonnell, thence 3rd. south 42deg. 30min. west 20 chains and 69 links (1366ft.) along said Bonnell's to the line of Jonathan Whitehead and now said Bonnell's and Widow John Kent thence 4th. north 42deg. 30min. west 6 chains and 34 links (418ft.) along said Bonnell and Kents line to a stake, thence 5th. south 42 deg. 32 min. west 6 chains and 50 links (429ft.) along said Widow Kents line to the middle of the aforesaid road thence 6th. north 42deg. 30min. west 11 chains and 5 links (729ft.) to beginning corner, excepting one acre deeded to Augustus Williams by the said Rufus F. Harrison and William H. Harrison and included in the within boundary containing 40 and 62/100 acre not counting said acre."