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Deed 37

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Date: 1886 Feb. 21

Deed Book No. A-23-7,8,9.

Seller: Ezra Colyer

Buyer: Mary E. Cooper Size:

Location: This is the property now known as #27 Lincoln Street.

Deed History:

1870 Sept. 24 L-15-6 Rufus F. Harrison to Francis Condit ($200.)

1876 E-22-47 F. Condit to Matilda Colyer

1886 Feb. 21 A-23-7,8,9. Ezra Colyer to Mary E.Cooper ($900.)

1890 May 1 P-25-104 S. Stowe to Levi Kent ($500.) Sidney Stowe inherited this land from Mary E. Cooper, at that time her name had changed (through marriage) to Mary E. Lintel.

1890 Dec.27 Z-25-13 L. Kent to Rufus F. Harrison "being the same premises conveyed to Mary E. Cooper by Ezra Colyer by deed dated Feb. 20 1886 (A-23-7,8,9.) and devised in and by the last will and testament of Mary E. Lintel (formerly Mary E. Cooper) to the said Sidney Stowe." (LAR. 1991)