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Date: 1881, May 28

Deed Book No. E-21-74 (Originally Purchased Jan. 17 1878 and not recorded-LAR)

Seller John McClennon and Matilda of Livingston

Buyer: Emma S. and James McClennon of Livingston ($500.00)

Size: Ĺ Acre

Location: On Roseland Ave. Between Harrison Ave. and Eagle Rock Ave. in the area where Park Street no joins Roseland Ave.

Description: "Beginning in the middle of the road leading from Roseland to Caldwell at the northeast corner of Charles Kentís house lot, thence running along his line and the line of Thomas Layland north 64deg. West 5 chains to a stake for a corner, thence north 38deg. east 1 chain to a stake for a corner, thence south 64deg. east 5 chains to the middle of the said road, thence south 35deg. west 1 chain to place of beginning.

Containing Ĺ acre be the same more or less (It being the same property that was conveyed to the said James McClennon and Emma S., his wife, to the said John McClennon by deed dated Jan. 17, 1878, and not yet recorded."

Note: Property history:

Samuel C. Harrison et al. to Cyrus Harrison 1841 (Z-6-547)

Cyrus F. Harrison to James Marshal 1852 (B-8-138) 4 acres

In 1881 James McClennon buys back the land he originally sold to John McClennon in 1878, the deed was not yet recorded at the time of deed E-21-74. (LAR.)

John Layland to John McClennon 1896 (R-29-403)

John McClennon to John Layiand 1896 (R-29-401)