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Deed 35

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Date: 1880 Jan 13

Deed Book No. P-20-308

Seller: John Nealy

Buyer: George F. Sigler

Size: Approx. 1/4 acre.

Location: Located on what is now Cortland Street. In this deed the road has been opened and John Nealy "agrees to keep open through his own land."

Description: "Beginning at a point 450' from the southerly line of the public road that divides Livingston from Caldwell Townships (Harrison Ave.-LAR) and at the northeast corner of Jacob Sigler's lot of land and in the line of the new road which the said John Nealy has opened and agrees to keep open through his own land thence running northerly along the line of the said new road 100' to the south corner of George McClennon's lot thence northwest along said McClennons line 110' to the land of John Sigler thence along the line of said Sigler and Jacob Siglerís land 105' more or less to the north corner of said Jacob Siglerís land 110' to beginning corner. It being a part of the premises conveyed by Rufus F. Harrison by deed to John Nealy and recorded in book C-12-163,164. (This series listing-Deed 15)