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Deed 34

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Date: 1879 June 30

Deed Book No. L-20-206

Seller: Heirs of Cyrus Harrison by commissioners William Henry Harrison. Courtland Condit, Ira H. Condit.


Size: 10 1/2 acres.

Location: Land on Harrison Ave., near where it joins Passaic Ave.

Description: "Second tract being in Livingston Township being on the south side of the above mentioned road ("the road leading from Roseland to Zenas G. Harrison's house") and bounded on the north by said road, on the east by lands of Henry F. Harrison, on the south by land of Rubin W. Cobb, on the west by land of Joseph Cook and Cyrus F. Harrison, containing 10 and 1/2 acres more or less."

Note: See Map (Filed with commissioners report in Essex Go. N.J. Surrogates office in 129-A-129.6-x44