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Deed 32

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Date: 1877 March 1

Deed Book No. D-19-492

Seller: John Nealy

Buyer: James Harrison


Location: On Harrison Ave. (then called Swamp Road) This is the land owned by John Nealy, which he originally purchased from Rufus F. Harrison in 1863 deed C-12-163

Description: "Beginning at the southerly side of the road leading from Roseland* to Westville at the north corner of John A. Balls house lot thence along said road north 50deg. west 78ft. to a new street** thence along said new street south 30deg.30min. west 550ft. more or less to a point in the easterly line of said new street where it would be intersected by a continuation westerly of the southerly line of one Jacob Sigler's lot sold to him by said Nealy. Thence westerly along the foot of said new street and along the line of said Sigler 150ft. to the land of Albert Carr. Thence along Carr's line south 30deg.30min. west 182ft. more or less to Courtland Condit's land thence along his line south 64deg. east 3 chains 45 links (227ft-LAR.) to said John A. Balls land and thence along his line north 30deg.30min. east 10 chains and 80 links (712.8 ft.) to place of beginning.

The above mentioned courses were copied from a deed given by Rufus F. Harrison and wife to the said John Nealy and recorded in book C-12-163 of deeds pages 163,164,165.**

*Note: First reference to the town as Roseland rather then its original name of Centerville. (LAR.)

**Note: The new street is what is presently known as Cortland Street. It was named after Courtland Condit who owned the land that this road then abutted. When this road was cut through completely to Eagle Rock Ave., it had to cut through most of Courtland Condit's land, thus the name.