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Deed 30

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Date: 1875 May 6

Deed Book No. K-18-321, Also P-23-212, Also A-22 of Process pg.548

Seller: Sheriff Sale. James Pechwell, Sheriff for Essex County. N.J.

Buyer: Rufus F. Harrison et al.

A writ of Fieri Facias was issued of ? the Supreme Court.

"Goods and chattels of Amos Williams defendant $875.86 which James H. Ketcham plaintiff later adjudged for his damages which he had sustained as well by the non-performance of certain provisions and assessing to him the said plaintiff then lately made as for his costs and charges by him about his suit in this behalf.

NOTE-Amos Williams land is seized Jan. 20 1875. Two parcels of his land are sold.

The first parcel was located in the swamp near the Passaic River, which is the western end and border of the town of Centerville, now Roseland. -LAR)

Size: 41 and 62/100 acres

The second parcel is in the center of the town.

Location: Part of this site is presently known as "The Roseland Historical Society". This house, which was owned by Amos Williams, is located on the north side of Eagle Rock Ave. just above and east of the town Triangle. Most of this land was sold off over the years with only the house and lot known as the Roseland Historical Society surviving from the original land.

Description: "Beginning in the middle of the road leading from Rufus F. Harrison to Orange. (This is Eagle Rock Ave, just above where Harrison Ave. meets Eagle Rock Ave. Harrison Ave. is the road described as "leading from R. F. Harrison house."-LAR). Thence (1) north 52deg.30min. west 24 chains and 75 links along the line or John Doveis formerly belonging to William Barnet and Joseph Harrison to the line William J. Best. Thence (2) south 54deg.15min. east 18 chains along the line of said William J.Best to the line B. B. Bonnell formerly Abel Dodd's. Thence (3) south 42deg. and 30 min. west 20 chains and 69 links along said Bonnell and widow John Kent, thence (4) north 42deg. 30min west 6 chains 34 links along said Bonnell and Kents line to a stake thence (5) south 42deg.32min. west 6 chains and 40 links along widow John Kents line to the middle of the aforesaid road. Thence (6) north 42deg. and 30min. west 11 chains and 5 links to the beginning corner containing 41 acres and 62/100 of an acre be the same more or less"

NOTE- Rufus F. Harrison and William Henry Harrison bid $950.00 for this land and $30.00 for the piece in the swamp, for a total of $980.00

There is a difference of 10 links on this deed which differs from the description on deed P-23-212 (LAR)