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Date: 1821, May 1

Deed Book No. A-5-331

Seller: John Force.

Buyer: Demas Harrison. Cost: $525.00

Size: 8 Acres 35/100ths.

Location: Land on comer of Eagle Rock and Livingston Avenues, opposite the Exxon station.

Description: "Beginning at a stake in the road on the top of the hill at a corner of another lot sold to Jared and Harvey Harrison, thence on the line of the same north 51.5deg. west 15 chains 48 links (1022ff.) to a stake in the fence 1 chain (66ft.) from DeCamp's corner thence south 54deg. west 17 chains 54 links (1158ft.) to Joseph Harrison's land thence in his line north 51.5deg. west 2 chains 20 links (145ft) to Aaron Dodd's corner thence on his line and Stephen Condit's line north 55deg. east 18 chains 54 links (1224ft.) to DeCamp's meadow thence on his line south 51.5deg. east 10 chains 20 links (673ft.) thence north 44deg.East 9 chains 5 links (597ft.) to the middle of the Swinefield road thence along the same south 72deg.10min. east 17 chains (1122ft.) thence in the other road south 54deg. west 16 chains 6 links (1060ft.) to place of beginning containing 8 acres 35/100ths be the same more or less."