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Deed 27

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Date: 1873 Sept. 15

Deed Book No. L-19-212

Seller: John Nealy

Buyer: Thomas Warner

Size: approx. 1/4 acre

Location: On what is now known as Cortland Street, 200ft. from Harrison Ave.

Description: "Beginning at a point distant 200 ft. from the southerly line of the Public road that divides the Townships of Caldwell and Livingston and at the southeast corner of the lands of John Nealy and in line of the new road 40 ft. wide which the said John Nealy hereby covenants and agrees to open on his land and at his own expense and from thence running southerly to a stake 50 ft. and from thence in a westerly direction 110 ft. to the line of John Sigler's land and from thence along said John Siglers line of land 50 ft. to a stake for a corner and from thence easterly 110 ft. to the place of beginning."

Note: "in line of the new road" indicates that the new road was not yet named Cortland Street, after Cortlandt Condit.