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Deed 25

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Date: January 1 1873

Deed Book No. V-16-598

Seller: Rufus F. Harrison and Harriet.

Buyer: Levi Kent ($200.00) Deed recorded March 3 1873.

Size: 1l3 acre

Location: Lot and house now known as #23 Lincoln St. This house was owned for 18 years by the author of this deed listing- Louis A. Robertella.

Description: Beginning in the middle of Lincoln Avenue at the west comer of Francis Condit's house lot thence along the line of said Condit's land southeasterly to the land of Albert Carr thence southwest along Carr's line 66 feet to a stake thence northwest parallel with the first described line to the middle of the aforesaid Lincoln Avenue thence along the middle of same 66 feet to the beginning comer. Containing about 1/3 of an acre.

Note: This is the first deed to specifically mention the name Lincoln in the street name. Prior to this deed the street was referred to as the "proposed new road" The large Maple trees that once lined both sides of Lincoln Street were probably planted along the street between 1871 and 1873 and planted under the direction of Rufus F. Harrison. Most of these trees were taken down in the early 1970's and had attained a diameter of almost 4 feet.

On April 26 1881 Rufus F. Harrison sells an additional 10-foot wide strip of land running along the south side of this property and "passing over the center of the well". This was obviously done to give well rights to Levi Kent since the well was on Harrison's land. This well was about 75 feet from the center of Lincoln Street and near the large Maple tree that now stands on the southern property line.

The dimensions of the land sold in this deed are 220x66ff. With the additional 10 feet purchased in 1881 they were changed to 220x76ff.

Same deed as T-25-490 Oct. 18 1890 when Levi Kent sells this property back to Rufus F. Harrison.

Rufus F. Harrison lived in this house from 1890 till his death in 1907. I believe Rufus F. Harrison may have occupied this house for several years after his marriage in 1841, later moving into his fatherís larger house after his fatherís death. In his old age, after his wife's death, he then decided to sell the larger house and property and move back into the house where he spent his first married years with his wife Harriet