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Deed 24

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Date: 1870 Sept. 24

Deed Book No. L-15-6

Seller: Rufus F. Harrison and Harriet.

Buyer: Francis Condit $200.00

Size: 1/3 acre

Location: This lot is presently #27. (Nicola Moreno / T. Jordan)

Description: Beginning at the west corner of George E. DeCampís house lot in the middle of the proposed new road (Lincoln St.-LAR) thence in a southeasterly course along the line of said Decamp 223ft. to the corner of Albert Carr's and Jacob Sigler's house lot thence in a southwesterly direction along the line of said Carr 60ft. thence in a northwesterly course in a parallel line with said DeCamp's line 223ft. to the middle of the said new road, thence along the middle of the same in a northwesterly course 66ft. to the beginning corner. Containing not far from 1/3 acre."

Note: E-22-47 Francis Condit to Matilda Colyer, A-237,8,9, Colyer to Coopers