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Deed 23

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Date: 1870 Nov. 24

Deed Book No. 0-15-278

Seller: William Condit

Buyer: Courtland Condit

Size: 1 /2 acre

Location: West corner of Eagle Rock and Roseland avenues. Where Shell gas station is presently located. (1990)

Description: "The first tract being a house and lot bounded on the east by the road leading from Caldwell to Centerville (Roseland Ave.-LAR), and commencing on the east corner of said lot and being the corner of Charles Kent's lot, thence along the middle of the said road southwest to the middle of the road leading from Centerville to Swinefield (Eagle Rock Ave.-LAR), thence along the middle of the Swinefield Road to the south corner of Thomas Layland's land, thence along his line northeast to the land of Charles Kent, thence along his line southeast to the middle of the aforesaid road. The above said lot contains one-half acre more or less."

Note: Deed 0-15-279 Nov. 24 1870 to Charles Kent 1/6 interest in said lot. Kent's wife may have inherited an interest from Stephen J. Condit or Kent may have loaned Courtland Condit purchase money.