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Deed 21

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Date: 1869 Sept. 24

Deed Book No. 5-14-132

Seller: Asa S. Cobb

Buyer: William Davenport

Size: 1 acre

Location: On Eagle Rock below lot previously bought by William Davenport. He is adding a parcel to the property he already owns.

Description: "Beginning in the line of Rufus F. Harrison at the northeast corner of the said William Davenport's house lot thence along Rufus F. Harrison line north 41deg.30min. west 2 chains and 92 links (193ft.) thence south 57deg.55min. west 3 chains and 44 links (227ft.) to a stake. Thence south 41deg.30min. east 2 chains and 92 links (193ft.) to the northwesterly corner of said Davenports house lot. Thence along the line thereof north 57deg.55min. east 3 chains and 44 finks (227ft.) to place of beginning. Containing 1 acre of land"

See Deed 12 (G-11-204) for original Davenport purchase.