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Deed 20

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Date: 1867 Aug. 19

Deed Book No. M-13-549

Seller: Stephen J. Condit

Buyer: Thomas J. Leyland $2600.

Size: 6 and 42/100ths acre

Location: North side of Eagle Rock Avenue, approximately half way between the Livingston Avenue, and Roseland Avenue intersection. About where Roseland Center is now located.

Description: "Beginning in the middle of Swinefield Road at the southwest corner of said Stephen J. Conditís lot and also at a point distant north 21 deg. 10min. west 76.5 links (50ft.) from the northwest corner of Ezra Colyer's store-house. Thence along the middle of said road north 79deg.15min. west 1 chain and 7 (inks (71ft.) thence still along the same north 79deg. west 8 chains and 44 (inks (557ft.) thence north 72deg.15min. west 2 chains and 12 links (140ft.) to the land of Courtland Condit and also to a point distant 2 chains 8.5 links (138ft.) on a course of south 45deg.10min. east from the southeast corner of the said Courtland Condit's house thence along the said Courtland Conditís line north 25deg. east 7 chains 18 links (474ff.) to land of John Nealy thence along his line and the line of John McClennon South 64deg.15min. east 10 chains and 40 links to land of Charles Kent thence along his line South 34deg. west 2 chains (132ff.) thence still along his line 61 links (40ft.) to the said Stephen J. Conditís lot thence along the line thereof south 16deg.15min. west 2 chains and 53 links (167ft.) to the middle of the aforesaid road and place of beginning containing 6 acres and 42/100 of an acre to a survey made Aug. 1, 1861 by E. M. Condit."

"Stephen J. Condit is to have the right and privilege of using the well on the above described premises during his lifetime"

Note: Layland assumes a mortgage to Ira H. Condit for the sum of $700.