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Date: May 19 1818

Deed Book No. W-11-219

Seller: Samuel Condit

Buyer: Rufus Harrison

Size: 22 Acres "more or less.

Location: On present day Harrison Ave., possibly east of Lincoln Street.

Description: "Beginning in the middle of the road leading by said Rufus Harrison's dwelling house at the northwest corner of James Brundage's land thence running south 43deg. west to Benjamin Harrisons line thence along said Harrison’s line north 45deg. west 11 chains 96 links (789ft.) to Stephen Condit's Land thence along the same north 43deg. east to the middle of the aforesaid road thence along the same south 49deg. 30 min. east 11 chains 86 links (783ft.) to the beginning corner containing 22 acres more or less"