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Deed 18

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Date: 1866 May 26

Deed Book No. Y-12-327

Seller: Rufus F. Harrison

Buyer: George E. Decamp

Size: 3 acres

Location: On Harrison Ave. Between Lincoln Street and land owned by John Sigler.

Description: "Beginning in the middle of the road heading from Westville to Centerville (Harrison Ave. or Swamp Road-LAR) at the north corner of John Sigler's land

thence along said Sigler's line south 31deg.45min. west 8 chains 81 links (583ft.) to

the north corner of Albert Carr's land thence north 66deg.30min. west 3 chains 36

links (222ft.) to the middle of a proposed street, (future Lincoln St.-LAR) thence

along the middle of the said proposed street north 33deg.45min. east 8 chains 82

links (583ft.) to the middle of the aforesaid road leading from Westville to Centerville

thence along middle of said road south 59deg. 10min. east 3 chains 50 links

(232ft.) to the place of beginning. Containing 3 acres according to a survey made

May 23 1866."

Note: Same land as deed Y-12-325 Abraham P. Williams to Rufus F. Harrison,

subject to Mortgage F-4-495.