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Deed 15

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Date: 1863 Nov. 1

Deed Book No. C-12-163

Seller: Rufus F. Harrison and wife. Buyer: John Nealy

Size: 3 and 91/100 acre

Location: On Harrison Ave. (Swamp Road) east of Lincoln St., after John Sigler's land and before John Balls "homestead lot".

Description: "Beginning in the middle of the road leading from Centerville to Westville (Harrison Ave. then Swamp Road-LAR) at the north corner of J. H. Balls homestead lot thence along middle of the road north 50deg. west 2 chains and 57/100 links to the land of John Sigler thence along Sigler's land south 30deg.20min. west 11 chains and 55 links to the land of Stephen J. Condit, thence along the line of Stephen J. Condit's south 64deg. east 3 chains 45 links to the said Balls land, thence along the same north 30deg.30min. east 10 chains 80 links to the beginning corner. Containing 3 and 91/100 acres more or less."

Note: Same land as Demas Harrison to Rufus F. Harrison, DeedC-12-162, 1861.