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Deed 15.1

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Date: 1863 April 15

Cancelled May 7 1874

Mortgage Book No. F-4-495. Refer to Deed Y-12-325 #16 in this series.

Deed: Y-12-325

Mortgagee: Abraham P. Williams

Mortgagor: Rufus F. Harrison

Size: 61 and 97/100 acres

Location: Between Harrison Ave. (Swamp Road) and Eagle Rock Ave. (Swinefield Road) from about 250 East of Lincoln Street to the present location of the Roseland Emergency Squad House, which was once the homestead of Henry W. Harrison. As of 1985 this boundary is the Westerly boundary of the Bobst Group Corporate building on Harrison Ave.

Description: "beginning in the middle of the Swamp Road 1 chain 24 links (82-ft.) north 24deg.west from the corner of John Siglers dwelling house thence along John Sigler and Albert Carr's land south 31 deg.45min.west 19 chains 69 (1300 ft.)

71 deg. west 1 chain 85 links (122.67 ft.) to the south corner of Jackson Hier's farm thence along said Hier's land north 13 deg.45 min. east 4 chains 54 links (300 ft.) thence south 87deg.30min. west 2 chains 12 links (140ft.) thence north 52deg. west 9 chains 88 links (652.67ft.) thence south 46deg.30min. west 3 chains 68 links (243.33ft.) to the east corner of William Davenports house lot thence along the line of William Davenport, Asa Cobb, and Stephen B. Cobb's land north 41deg.15min. west 21 chains 27 links (1404ft.) to the south corner of Henry W. Harrison's land, thence along said Harrison's line north 46deg. east 18 chains 18 links (1200ft.) to the middle of the aforesaid Swamp Road thence along middle of the aforesaid road south 46deg.15min. east 27 chains 851inks (1838.67ft.) thence along the same south 59deg.45min. east 10 chains 34 links (682.67ft.) to beginning corner. Containing 61 97/100acres."

NOTE: This land was mortgaged to secure a loan for Rufus F. Harrison from Abraham P. Williams. Rufus F. Harrison was A. P. Williams son-in-law. In deed Y-12-325, Abraham P. Williams to Rufus F. Harrison, Rufus F. Harrison secures a piece of land he had mortgaged to A. P. Williams then sells that parcel to George E. Decamp.

This land was sold to Rufus F. Harrison at his request of A. P. Williams who held mortgage-"A. P. Williams to retain land as security for money remaining due on said mortgage."