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Date:1861 April 19.

Deed Book No. V-12-397

Seller: Rufus F. Harrison, et al.

Buyer: Zenas C. Crane Size: 12 acres Location:

Description: "Beginning at the north comer of said lot in the line of Ira H. Conditís land, thence in a southeasterly course along said Condit's line to the land of F. A. Snedeker, to the farm of the late Joseph Williams dec'd, thence southwesterly along said Williams farm to the land of A. B. and Henry W. Harrison, thence northwesterly along said Harrisonís line to the land of Ira H. Condit, thence southeast along said Condit's line to beginning corner. Containing 12 acres be the same more or less. Said lot being known as the Steele lot and conveyed to the said Rufus F. Harrison and Demas Harrison by Rufus Harrison deceased in his last will and testament."

Note: This land later sold in 1861 to Ira H. Condit see V-12-399, Zenas Crane to Ira H. Condit.