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Deed 13

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Date: 1861 April 18

Deed Book No. C-12-162

Seller: Demas Harrison and wife

Buyer: Rufus F. Harrison

Size: 3 acres and 91/100ths.

Location: On Harrison Ave. (Swamp Road) east of Lincoln St., before J. H. Ball's property.

Description: "All the one half of a certain individual tract or parcel of land and premises."

"Beginning in the middle of the road (Harrison Ave.) leading from Centerville (Roseland) to Westville (a section of Caldwell near Passaic Ave. on what is now Westville Ave.) at the northeast corner of John Sigler's house lot thence south 30deg.30min. west 11 chains and 55 links (762ft.) to the north corner of Stephen J. Condit's farm thence south 64deg. east along said Condit's farm 3 chains and 45 links (228ft.) to lands now belonging to John H. Ball thence north 30deg. 30min. east 10 chains 80 links (713ft.) along said Balls land to the middle of the aforesaid road to the beginning corner. Containing about 3 acres and 91/100 of an acre."

"Part of a certain 9 acres conveyed to said Demos and Rufus F. Harrison by will of Rufus Harrison deceased."

Demas Harrison sells his half interest to his brother Rufus F. Harrison. This 4 acre lot was part of the total 9 acre parcel which Rufus Harrison had set aside in his Will for the "care and Maintenance" of his two daughters, Betsy and Phoebe Jane, who were mentally handicapped. Rufus Harrison wanted this certain 9-acre parcel to be their home and insurance they would have a place to live. The sale of this parcel completes the 9 acres that had been set-aside in the will. The first 5 acres of the 9 were sold to John Ball in 1849. (Deed 8-Deed 0-7-511 March 27 1849)

Note: same land as Deed C-12-163, Nov. 1, 1863