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Date: 1859 Nov. 29

Deed Book No. G-11-204

Seller: Asa S. Cobb

Buyer: William Davenport Size: 1 acre

Location: On Eagle Rock Ave., west of Lincoln St. Lot is just below corner lot owned by Isaac Hier (M-2-333). At time of deed Jackson Hier owned Hierís land. (Son?)

Description: "Beginning in the middle of the road leading from Centerville to the Swinefield Bridge (now Eagle Rock Ave.-LAR) and near the residence of the said Asa S. Cobb and at the Southwest corner of Jackson Hier's Land, and from thence running along middle of said road north 81deg. west 72 links (47.52ft.) thence (2) north 31deg. and 30min. west 2 chains and 83 links (187.33ft.) to a stake, thence (3) north 58deg. east 3 chains and 42 links (226ft.) to the lands of Rufus F. Harrison from thence along his line (4) south 42deg. east 2 chains and 78 links to land of Jackson Hier from thence along his line (5) south 48deg. west 3 chains and 26 links (215.16ft.) to place of beginning. Containing 1 acre strict measure."