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Date: 1902 Sept 19

Deed Book No. A-36-188

Seller: Jackson Hier administrator for Phoebe W. Hier dec'd

Buyer: Rufus F. Harrison, highest bidder $1590.00

Description: Same property as Rufus F. Harrison to Thomas Furman W-7-49 1851,

(Deed 9 this series.)

Thomas Furman to Albert Carr D-11-497 1857 (Deed 11 this series)

Carr to Hier

Hier to R.F. Harrison A-36-188 1902

Note: Rufus F. Harrison buys back a piece of property he sold in 1857. (45 years earlier) It was the first piece of property sold from land he inherited from his father. Rufus F. Harrison leaves this property to his son George R. Harrison, who then dies leaving it to his wife Delia C. Harrison.