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Media and verbal communications link-

Why would this occur?

Sometime in the late 70's, I happened to notice something that caught my interest. I observed it a number of times, and the more I noticed it the more it became clear to me that there was some link between media (Television and Radio) communications and human conversation.

As time went on I felt confident enough to explain what I had observed to my wife. I wanted her to be aware of what I had been experiencing so as I might confirm the phenomena by another's observation. Within a few days of my description of the phenomena, she confirmed that she too was observing the same experience. After several years of observing, and feeling confident I wasn't losing my mind, I mentioned it also to my children. They too became aware of it and reported noticing it on numerous occasions also.

It becomes evident that there is some type of instant linkage between individuals and the media that is being displayed at the same moment. This link is in the realm of verbal language communications. And it seems that the phenomena is either influencing the present moment, or the present moment is influencing the media. But in either case there is a clear link between the occurring moment and the media that is being displayed or spoken at that instant via the media, even though the source of the media event may be thousands of miles away or in another time zone.

The phenomena links a present moment in the observer's life to a media broadcast that has no awareness of the individual observer, yet is linked to that observers present moment by a common word in our language.

The phenomena falls into the realm of "Synchronicity" as described by Carl Jung in his works on the meaning of synchronistic "chance" events.

It was by the influence of Jung and my readings on synchronicity that first made me aware of how seemingly unconnected events are actually more connected than they first appear, and that the connection or "coincidence" is beyond what just the statistical occurrence may predict. By being aware of the wonders of synchronicity I began to observe the phenomena mentioned above and what I am about to describe.

It is easier to describe how the phenomena occur than to explain what it is.

I would appreciate if after my description, anyone who experiences the phenomena would contact me so as I can build a basis of how others experience this event.


It is most often observed when you first enter a room where others are present and engaged in conversation. But after becoming aware of the phenomena it may also be observed at almost any time under various situations.

As you enter a room where conversations are taking place, take notice of what the predominant conversation is about. At some point, the conversation will pause, as is natural, then continue. It is at this pause where the phenomena are most often observed.

Notice what the last spoken word was, and then you will notice that the media, whether it is TV or radio, will instantly repeat the exact same word that was last spoken.

The last spoken word will be repeated by the media, in whatever stories or dialog is taking place in that media. Or during the pause in the conversation, the last word spoken via the media, is the first word of the continuing human dialog.

It is as if the media is influencing the human aspect, or at other times it seems the human aspect is directly influencing what is to occur in the media.

It would seem impossible for one to be influencing the other, but after being made aware of this you will often observe how this phenomena is happening almost continually, as if some unknown link is binding the reality of the media to the reality of the observer.

It seems impossible, and yet it's observation moves it into the realm of a synchronistic event because of the "coincidence" involved.

The repeated word of the conversation will occur almost instantaneously, even if the word is unusual or seldom used in conversation and statistically would not occur that often.

What are the odds of the exact same word being repeated on the media after it is spoken in reality?

I have read on a number of occasions about an experiment involving sub-atomic particles that seem to communicate with each other instantaneously. I believe this described phenomenon is somehow connected to this instantaneous form of communication.

How or why I have no idea how to explain this, but it shows me that there is something occurring that is linking us all together. Some type of common bond we are not consciously aware of.

Once the principal is understood, it will be observed on an almost constant basis in regards to media and the actual moment.

I would appreciate any feedback on this subject.



I was very surprised one day to find these postings at the "Children's Past Lives" Site where it is clear others have noticed what I described above. It was a relief to learn I was not alone.

Love to all...
quick question...
(I know I'm in the wrong category, but I hope you'll forgive me.)
There's the synchronicity that usually plays out thusly: Someone says this "xyz" book is wonderful and the next day your landlady leaves the book at your door. That's, what my brother used to say is, a "king-obvious".
You read the book because there's something in there that's good for you.
But I'm talking about synchronicities that seem to have no meaning.
I have them in clusters...every two...two and a half weeks or so.
The "happenings" will pretty much go on for two to three days and they only involve words.
I'm a freelance writer, forever on the computer, and always with the tv or radio on and lots of research documents at my side.
I will type a word..."butterscotch" for instance...and within 30 seconds or so someone on tv will say "butterscotch".
Or I'll type "toys", "caravan", "bronze", "mercury", "synagogs"...not so common words...and I'll hear them or read them almost immediately.
It doesn't bother me. I'm more than used to it by now. I just want to know if anyone knows why it happens?
White Light as always --- Gypsy.

P.S. I know this is a really odd thing to discuss on this forum, so If there are no replies from people who either experience the same thing (not likely), or can tell me why it happens, I'll delete the whole thing in 24 hours. Light -- G.

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I too, experience that same type of synchronicity. When I watch tv, I do something else at the same time, which is often reading. At least 3 or so times a week, I will hear someone on tv say a word as I am simultaneously reading the same word. I am not talking about words such as "and" or "the." I mean nouns or adjectives---words which the chance of me reading simultaneously as they are being said on tv must be .00000something%.

I'm really finding kindred spirits here!


 From the Forum at Children’s Past Lives site regarding Synchronicity-LAR

For the record, over the past years since I have written this observation, a number of people have contacted me through this web site and said they have noticed and wondered about this phenomena also. It seem this happens and others do observe it. Thanks to all who have validated this observation. LAR-2015


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