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The second floor is shown separately from the first floor in these illustrations in order to make the parts of the second floor more distinctive and clear to the viewer.

These illustrations of the second floor show construction detail and how the floor space appeared when the structure was originally constructed.

The second floor had a distinct set of narrow gage rails running down the middle of the building. These tracks were used with movable wheeled platforms to move parts to different locations on the second floor.

Some type of mechanical lift, not present when this study was done, was used to lift loads from the receiving area on the first floor up to the receiving area on the second floor.

On the second floor a room at the north wall was used as an office, it being a part of the structure along the north wall including Stairwell-3.

The north wall had a different window arrangement and used some different style windows than those used in the south wall.

Fire walls were used on the second floor but do not appear to have been used on the first floor. Several sections between firewalls were subdivided on the second floor at a later time and are not shown in these illustrations.

The second floor had a clerestory running almost the entire length of the building. The main purpose of the clerestory was to admit as much light as possible into the second floor. Large multi-paned windows were located in every-other wall section along the clerestory of the building.

Though electrical lighting was just beginning to be used at the time of construction there was no evidence it was used in this building, as there were no electrical panels or wiring found to indicate the building had been wired and no lighting fixtures were found.

Electrical wiring standoffs appeared at various locations on the exterior of this building at the second floor level, these standoffs may have been added at a later time to hold wiring going to other buildings.

The beginning images of the second floor do not show structural parts such as the cross beams, ceilings and the clerestory structure for viewer clarity.

The center superstructure which supported the clerestory walls is shown.

This view from the south wall on the second floor shows Stairwell-1 and the opening from the stairwell to the second floor.
In the distance is seen Stairwell-2 and at the rear is the north wall and Stairwell-3. The second floor west wall is not shown in these images for clarit

In the center of this image is Stairwell-2. The opening from this stairwell in the center of this image opened to the second floor.

This image shows the north end of the building on the second floor. The rear entrance to the second floor is visible in the wall of Stairwell-3 on the left of this image.
In the center of the floor is Stairwell-2, and at the top right is Stairwell-1.


This image shows the superstructure, ceiling structures, and support beams on the south end of the building. Entrance to this floor is visible in Stairwell-1 wall.

The second floor was divided into four separate spaces to prevent the spread of fire. Each fire wall had double fire doors which closed by gravity.
The fire walls are shown covered with white stucco for clarity. The west wall is shown in these images.


Angular top view showing the four fire walls in place. The fire doors were placed on the fire walls facing the center of the building.

This image shows the fire wall at the north end of the building. Note the fire door arrangement.

This view shows the fire wall and Stairwell-3 (on lower right), lift opening (center), and office area on left. Rear or north wall appears at the bottom. East wall not shown in this image.


Clerestory brickwork and ceiling structures are shown in this image. The steel ceiling arches and supports that cover the entire second floor are shown. Fire brick was placed in these arches.


The fire brick was then coated with a layer of plaster making the ceilings very resistant to fire. This same technique was applied to the top roof above the clerestory.

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