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Light entering through the outer west wall is let into Stairwell-2 by an opening in the interior stairwell wall allowing light to enter the inner stairwell.

Interior of Stairwell-2. The door is the entrance to Stairwell-2 from the exterior of the building. To the left of the entrance door is the opening to the first floor.
In the center of the image is the opening to let light into the staircase. On the right is a wall behind which is a storage area. [ Photo 10 ]

This view is looking towards Stairwell-2, from the north. [ Photo 11 ]

This view shows the entrance to the first floor from stairwell-3 at the rear or north end of the building.
The west wall would be behind the viewer from this position. View is looking northeasterly. [ Photo 12 ]

This view shows the large opening into the first floor from the receiving area located at the north end of the building. There was one window in this area for admitting light.

This view shows the entrance to the receiving area through the opening in the foreground.
Near the widow on the right is the rear door which opens to the first floor from the exterior.
Between the two vertical columns is the opening to the receiving area.

This view towards the rear, or north wall, gives an idea of the huge open space on the first floor.
This image would be as if the viewer was in line with the first set of large double doors in the west and east walls near the south end of the building.
Jutting from the west wall on the left is Stairwell-2.
Directly ahead is the large opening into the receiving area with the central double doors in the north wall closed (green). [ Photos 13, 14 ]

The wooden flooring of the first floor when photographed in 2003 showed no signs of machinery having been bolted to the flooring. There were signs of flooring having been replaced, especially near the large doors in the east and west walls.

If work was performed on this floor there would have been signs of machinery marks, air pressure piping, or other signs of machinery having been used. [ Photos 15, 16, 17 ]

A newspaper article appearing in a 2006 edition of the “Morning Call”, an Allentown, Pennsylvania newspaper, prior to this building being torn down, confirmed this building was used as a warehouse for parts storage based on a 1917 Lehigh Valley Railroad track map.

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