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This section concludes the construction of the framework of the Packerton building:

This image shows Stairwell-3 at the north end of the building. North wall is not shown in this image.Entering from a door in the north wall, to the immediate left was a small office.

Going directly ahead led to a Staircase 3 on the left which went to the second floor. Opposite the staircase was an opening into the first floor area as seen on the right wall of this image.


In this image Stairwell-3 is on the right. Center area was for receiving materials.
A lift to the second floor was located here (note hole in floor) but was removed at some later time.
Entrance to this receiving area was through a large double door in the north wall (not shown), a rear wall opening to the first floor, and the opening in the wall on the left of this image.


The openings for Stairwell-3 and the lift mechanism are shown opening to the second floor.

Another view of the openings for the lift and staircase to the second floor.

View of receiving area. In left wall of this image is the doorway into the receiving area (center) where the lift was located. Lift mechanism not shown.

This view shows the rear or north wall of the building in place. The doorway opening on the right was the entrance to Stairwell-3, the small office on left with a small window, and an opening to the first floor.
The center large opening was for receiving materials that could be lifted to the second floor, or moved into the first floor area. Receiving area also had a small window to the left of the large door opening.
The doorway on the left opened to the first floor with an opening into the receiving area in the wall on the right of the doorway.

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